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Intellitronic Multi-Sensor

Technology for Ornithology Research

Real-time Multi-Sensor Monitoring of Swifts during breeding and feeding

Customer: University of Siegen | Germany
Start: Mai, 2021 | Status: completed, ornithology research ongoing

The project was initiated by the University of Siegen to better understand the feeding parameters of swift birds. Due to the requirements of the breeding season 2021 the project was launched with an extremely tight schedule and was completed in less than 8 weeks. This included requirements specification, design and development of all software and hardware components as well as roll-out and field test on the site of research.
The system and setup allows the researchers to monitor arrival, weight changes and video surveillance of 10 nests in real-time and remotely.

The intellitronic Multi-Sensor system is designed to provide real-time measurement through a number of sensors such as weight, temperature, video, infrared video with high precision automatically. The system is designed to work in the field of research, where robust and autonomous measurement is required.

The intellitronic Multi-Sensor system is based on a core technology (hardware and software) which can be customized to the specific needs of a given field of application. For this specific research project real-time monitoring of swift birds with a high-precision scale, RFID identification and video imaging was needed. All measurement data is collected centrally in an application via WLAN and stored in a configurable data log.

The intellitronic Multi-Sensor device is based on Cypress PSoC 6 micro-computer and features WLAN connectivity.

The intellitronic Multi-Sensor device is an extremely versatile micro-computer with many customizable on-board features such as programmable RS232 Interfaces, accelerometer, ambient temperature, TFT Display etc. It is equipped with a real-time operating system and thus many different sensors can be managed simultaneously. The data can be communicated to a central computer via WLAN.

Intellitronic Intelliscale The intellitronic IntelliScale system is based on a core technology (hardware and software) which can be customized to the specific needs of a given field of application.

Computer-based automatic measurement of weight, e.g. of birds, with high accuracy (up to 0.1g resolution). The scale is ultra-thin (less than 20mm) with adjustable feet to accomodate uneven surfaces.

The intellitronic Multi-Sensor device was programmed to utilize the LID RFID Reader of EuroID through its RS232 interface.

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