Electronic Weight Measurement

Electronic Automated Scale

Automated weight measurement with high precision / high max weight - intellitronic IntelliScale - not only for birds

intellitronic product | Germany
Start: Spring, 2018 | Status: development complete, improvements ongoing

The intellitronic IntelliScale system is designed to measure weight with high precision automatically. The system is designed to work in the field of research, where robust and autonomous measurement is required.

The intellitronic IntelliScale system is based on a core technology (hardware and software) which can be customized to the specific needs of a given field of application.

Computer-based automatic measurement of weight, e.g. of birds, with high accuracy (up to 0.1g resolution). The maximum weight is configurable. The shape and form of the scale can be adapted to your needs. A very high accuracy can also be achieved for high maximum weights. This allows for measurements including the nest and breeding boxes etc. The system stores data for any weight change. The data can be read via PC at any time. The system can be fitted with USB, Bluetooth or serial interface. The price for the system varies according to the options you choose, it is considerably lower than the cost of equivalent products on the market.

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