Electronic Devices

Realtime Multi-Sensor IoT Technology

Expandable Multi-Sensor System - intellitronic Multi-Sensor - based on PSoC 6 BLE Computer

academic institution | Germany
Start: Spring, 2018 | Status: ongoing

The intellitronic Multi-Sensor system is designed to handle multiple sensors such as RFID, weight, thermo visual, video, audio and temperature effectively. The Intellitronic Multi-Sensor System allows real-time multi-dimensional monitoring of parameters of scientific studies e.g. in the field of ornithology. The highly versatile computer manages all Intellitronic sensors and can handle virtually every 3rd-party sensor with an electronic interface.

A joint project with a renowned german academic institution, specializing in ornithology, is underway. This project will utilize the power of the Intellitronic Multi-Sensor. A version of the system is installed in a remote location. The scientific data is available online and real time to the researchers.